Studio 315 Photography Workshops

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Private Instruction

So you’ve got that beautiful new camera and it does so many different things… This private session will make you comfortable with your camera and to help you find your direction in Photography. Instead of attending multiple full-day group classes, sit down and have someone who knows show you how to do what it is you want to do with your photography.

Your one hour session can either be at your home or office or even a coffee shop. We can cover anything you want to learn to do. From the simple to the complex Will can explain it in simple terms and show you what it is you want to achieve.

$89/one hour

$139/two hour - We've extended our two-hour lesson special through March 2018!

​Photo 1 / Moving Beyond Auto Mode
A two-hour class for beginner and intermediate amateur photographers.
So you got this beautiful new camera and you know how to turn it on. Now what?Advance beyond using the automatic settings on your digital SLR camera to learn why and when to use the variations of aperture, shutter speed and ​lighting. We will teach you how to get a great deal more out of your camera than you get now.

Register for one of these Upcoming Classes:
Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

Fee: $39


Photo 2 / Hands-on Digital Photography
In this two-hour hands-on class, you’ll learn the techniques to transform your photography. You’ll gain a greater understanding of what makes a great photo, learn the techniques required, and pick up some tips and tricks professional photographers use. Your class will meet at a local nature preserve or botanic garden where you will receive instruction, guidance, and feedback as you complete four field exercises.Students must bring their own digital SLR camera.

Fee: $39


Critique Your Photography - 4 separate 2 hour sessions
For Intermediate to Advanced Photographers. Participants must have completed the Hands On Digital class or submit 6 finished images for approval.

"Photography is not a competitive sport but it does grow and improve with comparison and critique".

So you enjoy photography and want to get better.  This four session class will meet once every 2 weeks for two hours in Will’s Studio.  Each student will receive a study guide with the basic criteria we will be working on. For each session students will receive an assignment.  We will then meet and compare, contrast and CONSTRUCTIVELY  critique each other's work. Students will be encouraged to work together on assignments. I've seen a number of friendships and groups of "shooting buddies" grow out of these sessions. And typically more than half  of the participants repeat the class one or more times.  Sign up early!  This class is limited to 6 photographers!

Learning to See the Light
For intermediate and advanced photographers. If you enjoy and find fulfillment with your photography but are ready to advance to the next level, this is the class for you.This two-hour in studio class covers a gamut of subjects including digital/film techniques, composition, mixed source lighting. You’ll gain a greater understanding of what makes a great photo, learn the techniques required, and pick up some tips and tricks professional photographers use.

Fee: $39


Moving to Pro

Discover the many aspects of changing your photography hobby into a business. This class will investigate the economics, marketing, financing, equipment and other resources you'll need in your photography business.

Fee: $59


Studio Lighting

Photography is the recording of momentary light. Without light there is no photography.  When you first began to take photos, it was all about the subject. And as you progressed you began to look for the right light for your subject. And it was as you began to find the right light with the right subject you began finding the magic that happens within photography. 
What you were doing was “Taking Pictures”. 

 The point of a studio is to be able to control every aspect of the image. And the single most important aspect of control is the lighting. This class is an intro to understanding the difference between “Taking Pictures” and “Making Photographs” and the techniques required to master that difference.

This class is limited to 4 participants of intermediate to advanced levels. The class will be tailored to the group's interests and skill level. And students must present a minimum of 5 images for review before acceptance.

 Upon the successful completion of this class participants will be allowed to rent Will's studio by the hour as available.

Cost:  $150 per photographer

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